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HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT with An Invitation in the water


Some of you were born British; some of you are descended from Brits; all of you, British or not, are moved by affection for the ideals, ideas, and achievements that Brits at their Best helped to create and defend. This is your inheritance.

We hope that you will consider joining the Circle of Friends and help to share the inheritance.

The Circle of Friends includes all those who help to sustain this website. Your support will be acknowledged (unless you wish to remain anonymous). Your name will appear in a section where your support will give life to your ideals. For a summary of the Inheritance, see IMAGINE.

plane over England

If you do decide that you would like to become a friend and make a contribution, please write a cheque in £ or $ to Brits At Their Best, and post it to
333 State Street, 117
Lake Oswego, OR 97034

Or, make a secure donation through the following PayPal link. No account is necessary to make a donation:

Dash us a line, and let us know how we may acknowledge your contribution. We would like to publish your name (or the name of the person in whose memory or in whose honour you wish the contribution to appear) on the Brits website. In order to do, we require your instructions. If you have a website, include the URL, and we will link to you.

We will respect your privacy. No personal information about Friends will ever be sold or shared. We note that we are not yet a charity, and cannot offer tax-deductible status to your contribution.

We hope that you will become a friend.

Yours sincerely,
David Abbott and Catherine Glass

bulldog puppy  looking up appealingly

We will share the inheritance with a worldwide community of men, women, and children. Together we will nourish and protect the values of honesty and common sense, fair play and compassion, bravery and self-discipline, rational thought and faith, freedom and inventiveness, the rule of law and representative government.


Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008 David Abbott & Catherine Glass