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Faith in Freedom

Abolishing Slavery


HMS Black Joke firing on a slaver

HMS Black Joke firing on El Almirante after a 31-hour chase. Originally a slaver captured by the Navy, Black Joke was one of the swiftest and most successful ships in the Royal Navy's African squadron which patrolled the seas of West Africa for 59 years. The Royal Navy liberated 150,000 enslaved Africans, and suppressed the international slave trade.

Image: Royal Naval Museum

The Fellowship at Sea

Part One
Horror and Love

Part One
Horror and Love

12 gifts the London Eye

The file on the abolition of slavery has been rewritten. It's terrific just because the men and women who helped to abolish slavery were an amazing group of friends. The file has become one part of the ebook called 12 Gifts from Great Britain. You can read the ebook by paying a mere 75 pence (pound sterling) at Kindle UK or .99 cents at Kindle USA.




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Ending Slavery at Last



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