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Men and women worked for more than twenty-five years to alert Brits to the dangers to freedom of the EU project. The results of the Referendum tell you whether those warnings were heeded or whether a tsunami of events created Vote Leave.

No one would argue with the EU's ideals--a continent without war. We could not view the EU's inexorable drift away from representative government without alarm.

We love European art, music, literature, philosophy and European cities and country which speak of beauty. Even more we love the teachings of Jesus, which call for us to love each other, to treat each other fairly, to respect the dignity of every human being and to live freely. How else can we love, treat others fairly or respect their dignity unless we are free?

We pray for the freedom of the people of the United Kingdom now, a week after the results of the Referendum, just as we did before. Life is hardly worth living without freedom.

It is always worth defending.