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Aping Mankind

In the words of reviewer Anthony Signorelli, Raymond Tallis has written 'the most compendious, most closely-reasoned, most knowledgeable refutation of contemporary academic materialism that has yet appeared'.

A philosopher, poet, novelist, cultural critic and retired medical physician and clinical neuroscientist, Raymond Tallis F.Med.Sci., F.R.C.P., F.R.S.A., was born in 1946 in Liverpool. In 2011, Acumen Press published his book, Aping Mankind: Neuromania, Darwinitis and the Misrepresentation of Humanity.

Tallis presents convincing arguments that we are more than physical beings.

Reviewer Signorelli points out that for more than 50 years CS Lewis and others have argued against the reduction of all human culture, experience, and thought to materialism. He believes that the real animus motivating materialists is hatred of God.

We think that men and women are inclined to make gods of their ideas. If they lack belief in God, they will substitute a favourite theory or project. While many materialists are atheists, Tallis is an atheist who debunks materialism.

Materialism is a difficult philosophy to dismiss because it's physical and graspable, and many of us want to think we're in control of our world even if we have to reduce ourselves to automatons to achieve our goal.

An own goal, as you'll have noted.

Materialism is self-fulfilling prophecy. Tell people they are slaves to physical forces and conditions, and slaves they will be.

We believe we are free. Our book Share the Inheritance explains why (see sidebar).

Thanks to Maggie's Farm for alerting us to the review.

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