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Sometimes things have to get worse before they get better

Our post on press freedom was written just before Parliament's noxious vote to regulate journalism. This came after three centuries of press freedom.

So MPs have had their revenge, as Andrew Gilligan explains.

Being the hopeful idiots we are, we're hopeful that the Press will refuse to get on board with the Press Regulator.

Especially we hope that the Press will finally see that hobnobbing with MPs and PMs at parties and fawning over dim leading lights does them not one particle of good and it's time they started acting like the watchdog they're supposed to be.

Britain's history, available in inspired form in SHARE THE INHERITANCE (SEE SIDEBAR), shows time and again that things have to get worse before they get better. Rough translation: Brits get furious before they sort things out.

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The Brit press just needs to follow the example of its American cousins--show that control is not necessary by choosing to fully endorse the thoughts and principles of the government. First Amendment--the freedom not to be free.

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