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The Church of Somewhere by Roger Scruton

Jeff Taylor of Oklahoma sent us a link to this review of a new book by English philosopher Roger Scruton. Jeff wrote, Thought you might be interested. Very much enjoy this site.

Many thanks, Jeff. We're always interested in what Scruton has to say. Here's a taste of the review.

Our Church is not really a history, though. Scruton keeps to a chronological sequence, but takes off on long diversions into theology, literature, hymnology, architecture, and entirely personal reflections. The book is, as Scruton says of the Church herself, “a creative muddle.” Possibly some readers will dislike it on that account. For myself, I found it charming, very English.

And highly individual. Within pretty easy walk of our house in Shawford is an ancient Church of England parish church, here for about a thousand years, and celebrating both a Book of Common Prayer service and an informal family service; Winchester Cathedral, shimmering with the voices of choirboys and choirgirls; and an evangelical church, also C of E, full to the rafters with children, parents, university students, professionals, rock bands, and charismatic vicars.


Celtic Cross in Yorkshire

Having remained unnaturally quiet on St Patrick's Day, let's sign off by linking to the great Briton who founded Christianity in Ireland and was one of the first people in the world to denounce slavery.

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