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Baby, it's cold out there


But warmer than it was on 12-12-12, when frost lay thick as snow.

We realise that weather is not climate, and it will warm up shortly.

However, the greens promised that we'd all be living the tropical life in England, sitting under the shade of palm trees and tossing back a lukewarm gin and tonic, and their promises now appear to be pipe dreams.

It has been warmer in Britain. We envy the Romans growing grapes in southern Scotland two thousand years ago and the English with vineyards in London and Yorkshire during the Middle Ages.

Not that the BBC will mention it, there has been no heating of the Earth during the last sixteen years. Instead there is evidence we may be facing another little ice age.

However, Britain still hopes to toss £billions to poorer countries 'adversely affected' by climate warming. Will anyone pay Britain for eradicating cholera or establishing evidence-based medicine? No, we thought not.

The Rev. Philip Foster has mounted a valiant campaign to repeal the Climate Change Act, with all of its extremely costly, ineffective, irrelevant and unnecessary measures. Please consider signing it.

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