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The Hobbit and director Peter Jackson

Wellington, New Zealand: At the world premiere of the first part of the Hobbit,

Oscar-winner Cate Blanchett said she was so keen to reprise her role of Galadriel in the films that "I did stalk him (Jackson) a little bit". I've long been a fan of Peter's. He's incredibly free, he's a free thinker, he's a free associator and somehow as a filmmaker even though he's got this enormous trilogy on his shoulders, he's very, very nimble."

I thought that Peter Jackson's Ring trilogy brought great beauty to Tolkien's books, intensified their horror, and their eloquence, and sometimes (heresy) improved the story.

With the Hobbit he has created another trilogy, and "filmed at a hyper-realistic 48 frames a second rather than the usual 24". Jackson gets so little sleep while filming that he puts on weight. After he finished the Ring, he became as slender and handsome as an elf. He's back to his pudgy cinematic self. The Hobbit opens in mid-December.

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