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Whither Scotland?

albion_scotland_c. mathew roberts.jpg

Scotland - Road to Cuillins on Skye by Mathew Roberts

David Cameron and Alex Salmond have set the referendum on whether Scotland will leave the United Kingdom. Never mind the constitutional implications of tearing up the 300-year-old Act of Union, which brought people and kingdoms together.

A majority of the Scots are opposed to leaving, but may not be in two years, when the vote occurs.

Perhaps they will opt for divorce. For dreamers, the future always seems rosy since it is not yet the present, not yet reality.

Perhaps, as Peter Hitchens writes, Scottish leader Alex Salmond is a witless tool of the EU, which always intended to break up Britain, and has even produced maps showing England in bits. Will the EU fund Salmond's campaign? Will the real future of Scotland's vaunted freedom be "fed into the Euro-blender"?

And after the referendum? Will the people who vote in 2014 deliver the final word? Or, in the case of nay, will there be further referenda? And why are the people alive today the special Scots to say aye or nay?

We'd like the Scots to stay.

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