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Kate has a right to privacy


So does her husband, Prince William.

So do we all.

Our home is our castle. Another person cannot invade it. The powerful cannot step inside without your permission. Government must obtain a court warrant with a damn good reason if it seeks to invade your privacy. Britain's people have defended the principle of a private life for hundreds of years.

The principle applies to highly intrusive and profitable photographers with telephoto lenses.

France, Germany, Italy and the rest of Europe never really enjoying or apparently understanding this principle, the European Convention on Human Rights was established after the Second World War. (The Convention was largely written by a Brit.) The Convention declares that every person has a right to "private and family life" (Article 8).

When Kate and William are living in private, they have a right to privacy.

The French and Italians could be charged with violating their privacy under the European Convention on Human Rights.

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Angela Plowman:

I so agree with your thoughts about the young royals' privacy and this goes for all citizens but the problem unfortunatley these days is that so-called sensational photos and celeb gossip sells vast numbers of newspapers and magazines and that equals huge "dollar"! Very sad and also very sad they had to take out legal injunction.

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