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Salt of the earth parachutes into BBC


Image. The link contains the Bond / Queen / Corgi / parachuting sequence.

The fine fellow who doubled as The Queen and parachuted into the opening ceremony of the London Olympics spoke to the BBC. For the first time in many mornings the salt of the earth, devoid of self-serving political calculations and financial obfuscations, was heard.

Yes, he had told his wife about the top-secret job. If you can't trust your wife, who can you trust?

No, he did not think that dressmakers had pushed the boat out as far for his dress, a copy of The Queen's, as they had for HM's.

'My legs', he modestly answered, when asked why he thought he had been hired for the job.

No, he was not sorry to miss the Opening Ceremony because 'I had the best seat in the house for a show that was seen around the world’.

He left with a pleasant thank you, and I was sorry to hear him go.

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