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Batman, the free economy and other questions

Director Christopher Nolan is the British-American film director who created the Batman trilogy. His wife Emma Thomas has served as producer on all the films and is the mother of their four children.

English actor Michael Caine, playing Batman's faithful servant, is the 'emotional heart of the film'. Christian Bale is the English actor who plays Batman.

Andrew Klavan makes the case for a controversial idea in the Wall Street Journal: Batman defends the free economy's essential contributions to civilisation.

The actions of a murderer, possibly insane, at an American cinema showing Batman, has been blamed on the movie. Should we then blame Shakespeare for violence arising out of a performance of Coriolanus? Or blame the free economy while ignoring the millions of deaths caused by non-free economies?

We do wonder, after the Olympic's opening ceremony, if Brits have theatrical spectacles in their genes.

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