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A bit like love, the Higgs boson

We haven't written about the Higgs boson, despite the pretty certain confirmation of its existence. I suppose we were waiting that one trillionth of a second that is said to have elapsed after the big bang, before the Higgs boson suddenly arrived in the universe.

As you've heard, the elusive Higgs boson is named after its British discoverer, Professor Peter Higgs, the man who dreamed of its existence while walking in Scotland, and Indian physicist and Royal Society fellow Satyendra Nath Bose. The subatomic particle called the Higgs boson is thought to confer mass on matter, to give the universe flesh.

And that is why I think it's a little like love. First, because as many of us have wept to know, love is elusive. Second, because love gives flesh to the world, makes everything alive, gives everything a radiant weight it never before possessed, makes the longed-for touch of a hand as dark, transparent, and wonderful as a sky filled with stars, and creates a new world with the birth of a child. Third, perhaps, because, like love, the Higgs boson is part of a profound symmetry, simple, complex, no sooner found, than changing ever, yet to one thing remaining true.

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