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The monster on the doorstep

It cannot be right to support the emergence of a European superstate that would probably be autocratic in nature. More than 400 years of British foreign policy has been spent trying to prevent the creation of such a monster on our doorstep. Is this tradition so lightly to be betrayed? Yet, through the IMF, we seem, ineptly, to be pursuing just such a strategy. If further IMF support for Europe is counterproductive, high-risk and contrary to the long-term national interest, why are we doing it?

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Drake harried the Spanish Armada until it drowned off the northern coasts, Wellington pursued Napoleon's Grande Armee through Spain and found it at Waterloo, Hitler launched a pulverizing aerial barrage and ended in his own ruined capitol. The question is not so much, what will Britain do, but why--Who are the Brits now and who are these people acting in their name?

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