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Brilliant women explorers


Roz Savage in Hawaii

Stella recently featured five women explorers.

In 1993 Rebecca Stephens became the first British woman to climb Everest. She is now a mother of two who leads treks for 15 days at a time.

Ann Daniels, "a housewife from Bradford", with 18-month-old triplets, was part of the first women's team to ski to both Poles. Her leadership has triumphed over storms, wet gangrene, and carbon monoxide poisoning. With the triplets now 18 and her youngest child eight years old, she intends to be the first woman to ski solo across the Arctic.

Despite maggots in her armpits and suffering from malaria six times, herpetologist Jenny Daltry has discovered dozens of new reptile and amphibian species in the remoter parts of our earth. She's survived minefields, too, and has a husband who loves conservation as much as she does.

Roz Daniels holds four world records for ocean rowing. She's the first woman to row the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans. Clothes chafe her, and she usually rows naked. And reads.

After bursting into tears when she first landed alone on the ice, mental toughness and resilience came flooding back to Felicity Aston. She became the first person to cross Antarctica alone without kites and parasails.

How do these women imagine these adventures beforehand? Read Stella to find out.

Without banging on about it, I'd like to add that they grew up in a Britain where they saw women becoming queens and prime ministers, and where women had long ago led armies, rescued wounded soldiers on the battlefield, travelled into the heart of Africa, written books, and run breweries and forges, to mention but a few of their exploits. And of course, most importantly and essentially, they were mothers.

A country is as strong as her women. . .

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