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Brilliant essay by Tim Congdon CBE: Focus on the EU: available to you


The OECD says Britain is back in recession after the economy shrank 0.1pc in the first quarter. . .[and] warned the eurozone was holding back a shaky G7 recovery.

So you might think this would be another reason for leaving the EU, in addition to the £billions we send every year to Brussels, £billions which could be used at home.

You will not hear this kind of sense from the government, but you will hear it from Tim Congdon CBE, in a closely argued and eloquent essay called "The handover of Great Britain".

We're glad to be able to offer Congdon's printed booklet free of charge to you if you email us and tell us you want it. (Include a mailing address. It will be used only to mail the booklet).

Tim provides a crystal clear examination of the EU's 'quasi-religious' appeal, its pervasive soft corruption, its false pretense that its decisionmaking is democratic, its betrayal of individual human rights, and the vast power of its entrenched, unelected bureaucracy.

Congdon ends on a note of warning and of optimism. He is an economist, and a very successful financial consultant and investor, so his analysis and his optimism count for a good deal.

Write us at, to request a booklet. We have a very limited supply.

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