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One difference between civilised and uncivilised societies

Libyan rebels, freed from the regime of Colonel Gaddafi by the British people, have been captured on video smashing the graves of more than 150 British soldiers killed in North Africa during the Second World War. In the video, they refer to the brave men who died to free us from Nazi tyranny as "dogs".

The British love dogs and look with scarcely veiled astonishment at those who don't.

One obvious difference between uncivilised societies and civilised societies is this: Uncivilised societies do not like dogs and treat them horribly. They don't treat cats any better, and we think it's fair to both animals to say that the happy dog and the complacent cat are signs that civilisation is close. And love is closer.

This desecration reminds us of all that we owe to the dear men who died far from home.

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