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I'm sorry we've been away from posting for so long. Life intervened. While lighting the fire, I found this article in the Telegraph on Hugh Laurie and House.

After eight seasons of sardonic sniping and maverick diagnoses, Hugh Laurie’s Dr Gregory House will no longer be stalking the hospital corridors of New Jersey. The critically acclaimed medical drama House, it has been confirmed, will not return after the end of its current run. For Laurie, who has become one of our most successful ever exports, thanks to his role as the talented, intuitive but difficult diagnostician, it will be the end of an era.

. . .The hospital drama, which returns later this month on Sky 1 for the completion of its final season, recently made the record books as the world’s most popular show, watched by more than 81?million people in 66 countries.

It's curious that so depressive a character received such a reception: “I do have the impression of House being left on the side of the dock as the SS Happiness sails away,” nodded Laurie. “Other people all have a ticket but House is left, emotionally abandoned, on his own island of trouble.”

He was played brilliantly, compellingly, by Laurie, who is to be credited for being the one to pull the show's plug.

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