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Happy Australia Day

Some of the Aboriginal people were not happy when their tents, which have been pitched on the lawns of Parliament House for forty years, were criticized. Nor were some of them pleased to be celebrating the arrival of the first fleet of British colonists in Sydney on January 26, 1788. The Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, was dragged to safety after a rambunctious demonstration. More here.

She may want to talk with her security personnel about the need to defend dignity as well as life.

We recall that the scenes of some Aboriginal people dragging their women into caves and raping them shocked early British settlers, according to Australian author Robert Hughes, in his book, The Fatal Shore.


Australia has a vast and gorgeous shore and an immense interior and brave and energetic people who have rescued the victims of tyrants for more than one hundred years. In the 20th and 21st centuries Australians worked hard to affirm the fundamental rights of Aboriginal peoples.

Happy Australia Day and cheers to all the people of Australia.

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