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Costume designer Susannah Buxton


With all the bleak news, it's good to hear that people are working happily, focusing on projects they love. One of these people is designer Susannah Buxton. From the WSJ:

A costume designer for 25 years, Susannah Buxton has worked with many acclaimed film directors, from Danny Boyle to Joe Wright, but it is only with the success of "Downton Abbey"—the British television show about the life of a turn-of-the-century aristocratic family and its servants—that Ms. Buxton has emerged as a star.

Little did she know when she signed on to the ITV mini-series that her designs would have an international impact. "Susannah is a kind of sculptress-in-cloth," said "Downton" creator Julian Fellowes. . .

Another British designer, this one working in California, was just named a knight in New Year's honours. His work can be seen and touched around the world.

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