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Britain's future lies where?

Despite a misleading WSJ headline, Anglophiles Iain Murray and Jim Bennett suggest that Britain’s Future Lies With America and the British Commonwealth, not Europe.

'The European Economic Community (EEC) for which the British signed up in a 1975 referendum—a community of free trade and cooperation, not supranational bureaucracy—is long gone. Worse, even today’s less-palatable EU will soon no longer be on offer. Sometime in the next few years at most, Britain will likely face the choice between immersion in a powerful centralized European mega-state and full exit.

. . .Alone among EEC members, Britain narrowed some of its major trade networks when it joined. It also traded ordinary Britons' right to virtually bureaucracy-free movement, temporary or permanent, between the U.K. and British Commonwealth nations. This meant losing easy access to prosperous places like Canada, Australia and New Zealand, which enjoy plentiful jobs and high standards of living, for the largely theoretical right to take a job in Düsseldorf or Lille. While much trust was lost between Britain and the rest of the Commonwealth because of this move, strong personal, cultural and economic ties remain and could be revived. Ask the average Briton where he'd feel more at home, Paris or Toronto.

Canada and Australia have well-managed, vibrant economies. Both countries sit on huge deposits of natural resources of ever-increasing value. Britain's top-tier financial sector and still-excellent technical capabilities already play a role in Canada's economy. These ties could be much strengthened. . .'

One problem is the current US Administration, which loves bail-outs and bankers, and is pushing Britain to stay in the EU. Another problem is the BBC, which for years has refused to address the costs of EU membership for the British people. Still another problem are so-called historians who claim that the EU has kept peace in Europe for the last 50 years, when it was actually the US and Britain, holding back the USSR and rebuilding Europe after the Second World War. Still another problem is the myopic British politician. . .It's a pity there are so many problems, but the problems could all be swept away by imaginative and courageous public-spirited men and women.

Link thanks to Instapundit.

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