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Teasing glimpses of 'the God particle', a Higgs boson

From the Telegraph:

The Higgs Boson is vital for scientific understanding of how matter and forces work at the fundamental level.

Currently, the equations that so beautifully describe the building blocks of our Universe are spoiled when we try to give particles mass – the property that stops most particles from travelling at the speed of light.

A nifty mathematical trick proposed by Peter Higgs (and others, including some from Imperial College London) some fifty years ago allows us to have massive particles, but there’s a catch: if it really is how nature works, there should be a Higgs boson (called the God particle), which we can see in our experiments.

Recently there were teasing glimpses of the boson at the Large Hadron Collider’s two giant detectors. Those who believe in God can't help but thinking that the 'God particle' may be very difficult to find for a beautiful and paradoxical truth lies concealed in the universe.

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