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Doing something right in Iran

The British Government appears to be doing something right in Iran: "Why was the British embassy attacked? Because the Brits had cut off all contact between the British banks and the Iranian banks. London is a financial center in the world and it’s going to hurt Iran. The U.S. is a larger financial center and it’s not willing to pull the trigger on sanctioning the [Iranian central] bank. That is what’s at stake.

"The [US] president issues this unbelievably embarrassing statement… he’s now beginning to see that 'the Iranian government is not taking its international obligations seriously'. Really, now? This is a country that the State Department has said for a decade is the number one exporter of terrorism, a government that has defied every Security Council resolution on enriching uranium, [that has terrorized its people], and all of a sudden he discovers it’s not living up to its international obligations!"

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Give the man a break. He can't be bothered with an ally re-living the US experience in Iran while he is trying to decide how he can bail out the euro without appearing to use dollars to do it. To say nothing of welcoming our new Allies in the Middle East. Priorities...Priorities.

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