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The lost photographs of Captain Scott

From the slightly revised Amazon review:

Until now, the legend of the doomed Terra Nova expedition has been constructed out of Scott's diaries and those of his companions, the sketches of 'Uncle Bill' Wilson, and the celebrated photographs of Herbert Ponting.

Yet for the final, fateful months of their journey, the systematic imaging of this extraordinary scientific endeavor was left to Scott himself, trained by Ponting. In the face of extreme climactic conditions and technical challenges at the dawn of photography, Scott achieved an iconic series of images: Breathtaking polar panoramas, geographical and geological formations, and action photographs of the explorers and their animals, remarkable for their technical mastery as well as for their poignancy.

Lost, fought over, neglected and finally resurrected, Scott's final photographs are here collected, accurately attributed and catalogued for the first time.

This adds a new dimension to the last great expedition of an heroic age and a humbling testament to the men whose graves still lie in the vastness of the Great Alone.

Dr David Wilson is the great-nephew of explorer Bill Wilson.

We love these guys.

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