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Bodies do bleed after death

I've always wondered about the story of William II, shot accidentally or on purpose in the New Forest on August 2nd, 1100, whose body, dripping blood, was delivered to Winchester Cathedral by one Purkis.

Was this dreadful king, whose demise will contribute to our freedom, dead when he was loaded on Purkis's cart, or, as the dripping blood suggests, did he die during the journey?

And what of the Turin Shroud? Is the amount of blood on the Shroud proof that a living, not a dead, man, left the imprint of his face?

And what, indeed, of the Muslim teaching that Jesus did not die on the Cross? Is this a forensic response to the Gospels or an expression of ideology?

Home Office pathologist Derek Barrowcliff, who has died, provided the answers to some of these questions.

He said that bodies do bleed after death and that it was likely to be a dead man whose face is imprinted on the Shroud.

Contrary to Muslim belief, a willingness to believe that Jesus died on the Cross unites with a willingness to believe in Jesus Christ's teachings and in Who He said He Is.

One of Christ's teachings, which lies at the heart of the British and American experience of freedom, is this:

Unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone, but if it dies, it bears much fruit. John 12:24

The Christian men and women who risked their lives for freedom and justice did not fear death. They believed that out of death comes life.

Their stories can be found in Share the Inheritance.


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