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Prince Philip

"Prince Philip, Philip Eade's sure-footed and sparkling biography—which takes its subject up to Elizabeth's coronation in 1952—shows just what use Philip made of his amazing luck. Philip turned out to be a courageous and resourceful naval officer. He stayed on deck throughout the Battle of Cape Matapan (south of Greece in the Mediterranean), directing a searchlight on enemy cruisers while his own ship was repeatedly dive-bombed. In the Allied invasion of Sicily, in July 1943, after HMS Wallace had been hit, he rigged up a raft with smoke floats at each end to make it look like the flaming remains of the Wallace itself. The Germans strafed the raft while the British ship slipped silently away under the night sky. . ."

The Prince's not-PC common sense has always been deplored by the deplorable. This biography reveals that he can also be surprisingly humble.

The reviewer does not have much that is kind to say about the Prince's mother. He does not mention that she risked her life to save Jewish families from Nazis during World War II.

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