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Britain is preparing to pump extra cash into the International Monetary Fund, whatever else the Telegraph's headline may suggest. Billions of pounds are to be taken from the British taxpayer for the insolvent members of an undemocratic superstate.

The fear is that: "We may be observing an international Crisis and Leviathan moment. It may represent a turn, and a decisive turn, toward world government freed from popular restraint."

The premise behind these bail-outs is false because the premise behind the euro working financially for dozens of countries with different finances and cultures is false. These, by the way, are the same countries who are trying to destroy the City of London as a financial centre.

Is there some reason we should be trying to bail them out?

The most hopeful headline today, because it shows the Leviathan thrashing miserably, is G20 in Cannes concludes without agreement to pay more to the IMF, sending markets lower.

We expect that the response of the Leviathan will be to attempt far-sweeping structural reforms and a coordinated fiscal policy for euro countries which will devour their sovereignty. By the time a country's people figure out they are really in the belly of the beast, it will be too late.

The Bruges Group Conference this weekend directly addresses the euro at the heart of the current EU crisis. The speakers look terrific.

Alas, it was Englishman Thomas Hobbes who suggested in his book Leviathan that only a strong central government could avert chaos. Hobbes apparently underestimated the stupidity of strong central governments, though this has been on display for thousands of years and is currently on display today.

Hobbes wrote before the Glorious Revolution and the American Revolution and constitutional creation, which proved that a decentralized government based on principle and honestly representing the people was far superior in averting chaos, protecting liberty and promoting the general welfare.

Marxists will disagree, but people who know some history recognize that the millions of people who emigrated to Britain and America from other parts of the world voted with their feet. Quite simply, they found Britain and America far better places to live.

The fact that much of that immigration has been unlawful and has imposed hardships on Brits and Americans is another result of an increasingly Leviathan government unresponsive to the real needs of people.

Thanks to Instapundit for the Leviathan link.

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