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The screen's Gerard Butler, exorcising evil


He's an actor who flew in under the radar to become Hollywood's "favourite male lead". He's "Irish by descent", was born and brought up in Scotland, and trained in London, so whether he belongs on this website, you'll have to decide.

The "self-destruction-redemption arc" of his life led him to the London stage and films. He has been Leonidas in 300, the romantic lead in PS I love you, and the voice of Stoick the Vast in How to Train A Dragon. A somewhat unusual mix for an actor viewed as a straight action hero.

His latest film is Machine Gun Preacher, "the real-life story of Sam Childers, an ex-con redneck biker and drug addict from Pennsylvania who finds Jesus after a particularly brutal encounter. . .then travels to Sudan where he singlehandedly sets about building an orphanage for the victims of the long-running civil war. . .[Childers focuses] on the brutalised ex-child soldiers of the Ugandan militia, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), led by Joseph Kony. Kony’s methods – maiming, enforced parricide, sexual slavery – are uniquely nihilistic, even by the region’s benighted standards".

Butler was an executive producer on the film, and hopes that shining a light on the monstrous Kony may help to defeat him.

That would be our hope, too.

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