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The EU plan unfolds

Or was it Germany's plan all along?

In exchange for financial assistance, said German Chancellor Merkel, "It would be desirable to have a permanent supervision in Greece."

Does anyone but the poor Greeks shiver when they hear those words?

Greece, we should remember, is only partly in this mess due to its own disheveled finances. It is also going bankrupt because it willingly entered the € straitjacket devised by Germany.

The Chancellor warned that the failure of the EU could mean war. Germany, of course, started both world wars.

To prevent future war, European nations will have to become part of the EU empire. Germany created the problem, and now has the solution. Neat.

We refer you, once again, to Rodney Atkinson's video, The Nazis and Fascists who founded the EU and their influence today.

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Angela Plowman:

Chancellor Merkel's chilling comments after the financial collapse of Greece certainly sent shivers down my spine and I am only glad my dear parents aren't around to hear and read about this especially coming as it did so close to the very poignant date of 11/11/11!! Keep up the excellent work on this web page David and Catherine and don't forget to come and see us when you are around. Angela

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