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Layman's Guide to the English Constitution


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"England is ruled by Alfred the Great through the laws he gave us. This is the story of how the Constitution was formed and how high treason has been and is being committed at the highest levels of government."

In his inimitable way, retired constable Albert Burgess has paid tribute to the genius of English law.

Small quarrels with whether it is the Declaration of Right, as we think, or Rights, may occur, but broader minds will see that the larger insights which Burgess makes strike home.

In the struggle for freedom and just law in Britain, a few people have led the way with ideas which seemed amazing to many others.

When the law, which affirms the ancient rights and liberties of the English people, is ignored, treason and catastrophe are courted.

Kudos to Dave Barnby for helping to publish a handsome book which is well worth reading and thinking about.

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