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First Congregational Church, Litchfield, Connecticut, built in 1751. Image: Maggie's Farm

I've uploaded this image since Brits in America built the church, and there were two extraordinary American speakers at the conference I attended yesterday. All credit to Namaste for bringing them over the pond and congregating all the British speakers. I'll let you know when you can see their video.

Speaker Judith Reisman, PhD, made the point that the modern moral mantra is 'Do what thou wilt'.

This adolescent and selfish philosophy does not lead to happiness and does not create great art or science. It doesn't even lead to a sense of humour. Doubtless that's why it's so popular nowadays.

The people who built First Congregational had a different philosophy. Their belief in God's direction gave them perspective so they built a beautiful place where they could gather together, worship and and rejoice in the natural world beyond their windows.

Inspired by Robert Browne, writing around 1592, each Congregational church ran its own affairs (and still does). Because they were independent and Christian, many Congregational churches became important in the abolition and women's suffrage movements.


Image Panoramio

Lovely in the snow. Bet it was cold inside. Those 18th century men and women were tough.

Another tough but kind man, John Wrake, bought me a whisky before I gave my speech in the cold conference hall. He has information about Elisabeth Beckett's book on India, which we'll share soon.

Kindness is a joyous transcendence.

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