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The Solitary Walker


Image from The Solitary Walker

Elvira Haviland sent word of this "intriguing British blog that catches my fancy". We like it very much. "It's often about walking, hiking, rambling, ambling and pilgrimage. But it's also about other things such as books, poetry, music, art, politics, philosophy and the natural world. . .There may even be the odd joke if you look hard enough."

Things heard and learned in too-brief a visit with the Solitary Walker: The definition of vallum, which was a part of Hadrian's Wall, and the necessity of nettles to the next generation of Comma, Red Admiral, and Small Tortoiseshell butterflies.

Hadrian's Wall was constructed with a ditch to the north, and a wider ditch and earth rampart to the south, known as the vallum. It occurs to us that the vallum was an ancient ancestor of the ha-ha - it was used by Romans to ha-ha at ancient Brits, but the Brits had the last ha-ha, racing south over vallum and wall. . .

We learned about God's Acre Projects from the Solitary Walker:

I met a feisty lady hacking at ivy in the graveyard, and we passed the time of day.

She told me about the God's Acre projects all over Britain, which treat churchyards as conservation areas, protecting their unique heritage, and encouraging and preserving their wildlife. She showed me the apertures in the recently restored roof allowing bats access to their roosts. And she led me round her proudly managed plot, this divine yet earthly acre of wild grasses and sweet-smelling herbs, this small portion of paradise.

We like walking with friends and also solitary rambles. . .

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