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70 Tory MPs set to join new group to fight EU integration


At least 70 Conservative MPs will join a new group dedicated to "reversing the process" of closer European Union integration. They are an interesting group if their faces, shown in the Telegraph, are any guide.

The penny has dropped as to the EU's increasingly heavy financial burden and the EU's profoundly undemocratic set-up.

The Telegraph reports that

Tracey Crouch, a former head of public affairs for the insurance company Aviva who is now MP for Chatham and Aylesford, said: "Constituents understand that we've had to prioritise reducing the deficit in our first year of Government, but now they want to see us deliver on the key manifesto promises that they voted me and others into parliament on the back of.

"Every time there is a story in the paper about some ridiculous human rights claim, or outrageous EU spending commitment, I get reminded by constituents of not only what was on my leaflets but what was in the coalition agreement too."

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A hopeful sign! Is Cameron listening?

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