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Neighbourhoods rally in own defence

Locals in the upmarket south London area and in Dalston and Whitechapel, east London, faced down the mob on Monday night after realising that police were too stretched to help.

. . .In Dalston, one of east London's most fashionable districts, the mostly Turkish owners of barber shops and food stores pulled down the shutters and guarded the streets.

. . .Jerry Keshin, who runs Jerry's Food and Wine on Stoke Newington Road, said: "I shut early because I heard they were coming. I went down to Hoxton to get my boys and we drove back up and saw a group of about 10 rioters who were on their way into our area. We chased them into one of the estates and had it out. Then we came back to the corner of Shacklewell Lane to keep the area safe. A load more of them came through at about 11.40 but the whole community was out to chase them away."

. . .The Bengali community in Whitechapel also fended off a mob. . .

Good for them all.

Back to the government, whose "first duty" is to protect our lives and civilisation.


AND neighbourhood people are out cleaning up.

Link thanks to Iain Murray.

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