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The Queen in Ireland as French and German banks and the Irish government rob the Irish people

Cat's recently posted about the genuine contributions of entrepreneurs and the financial disasters created by dishonest and reckless bankers and bureaucrats in Ireland. Here is an update. You have to wonder how long the Irish will take this -

At the direction of euro-zone leaders, Ireland's last government put the state's finances in a hole with bank guarantees and bailouts designed to protect foreign creditors. German and French lenders have seen no losses from their bad loans to Irish institutions, because Irish taxpayers are footing the bill to the tune of $100 billion.

The government. . .is planning to raid citizens' private pension funds to help pay its banks' debts. Dublin's so-called "jobs plan," released this week, includes a 0.6% levy on private pension funds that will last four years. Sadly, this jobs plan is unlikely to do much to prevent Ireland's unemployment rate from rising from its present level of almost 15%. Meanwhile, this expropriation of Irish citizens' private property marks the lowest point yet in the fight to save the euro, and is a blow to the rule of law and sound economics. . .

What everyone has underestimated was "the commitment of Europe's elites to the survival of the currency, regardless of the economic merits. In protecting the common currency from collapse, those elites have ignored national referenda, international treaties and public fury. They have made a mockery of democracy and basic economics".

The Queen visits Ireland

The Guardian reports - The Queen has visited 129 countries in the course of the second longest reign in British history, from Iceland to Indonesia, but never has she ever set foot in the 130th: Britain's nearest neighbour, the Irish Republic.

Her four-day visit from Tuesday will be the first by a British monarch since her grandfather, George V, was greeted by cheering crowds in Dublin almost 100 years ago in the boiling hot July of 1911. . .

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