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On this beautiful day

A shining day in England in early April, the third day with hardly a cloud in the blue sky, birds singing, young green leaves glistening, the cherry, as tall as a forest tree, like a white waterfall, the blue tit winging in and out of her house in the blossoming apple tree, and on the footpath, children in shorts running.

On this beautiful day I give thought to those working inside - the doctor, the nurse, the shop-keeper, computer technician, factory worker, copy writer, jail guard, florist, hairdresser, plumber, butcher, brewer, librarian, cleaner, mail sorter. . .

Good man that he was, Alfred the Great was big on everyone being able to take off work and celebrate holy days - holidays as we now know them. I think when I counted there were about 6 weeks of holy days during Alfred's reign. The English who lived here then must have rejoiced on a holy day like this.

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