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"Let them talk" - Hugh Laurie


Hugh Laurie has cut a blues album. Here, in the Guardian, he performs three blues tracks "with a band of crack New Orleans musicians".

'Replete with admirable humility', Laurie told the Telegraph -

I was not born in Alabama in the 1890s. I’ve never eaten grits, cropped a share, or ridden a boxcar. I am a white, middle-class Englishman, openly trespassing on the music and myth of the American south.

He explained that he wanted to popularise the genre:

I could never bear to see this music confined to a glass cabinet, under the heading Culture: Only To Be Handled By Elderly Black Men. That way lies the grave, for the blues and just about everything else: Shakespeare only performed at the Globe, Bach only played by Germans in tights.

Some of the folks listening and commenting don't like it much.

So, let them talk.

Realize you're supposed to look stoic beyond misery while playing the blues, and Laurie doesn't.

So, let them talk.

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