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A thought-provoking evening in London

Taking the train into the city the other night, the excitement and iconic majesty of London took me by surprise: Cavernous Waterloo Station; the rivers of people crossing the strongly flowing Thames; the huge, beautiful buildings; the gigantic statues littered everywhere; the delicate salmon and blue sky above the Embankment; the crowds in Trafalgar Square; the lamp-lit welcome of my destination.

Who walking through this extraordinary city could believe that Britain would be bound like Gulliver by the ropes of the EU?

The speakers addressing the audience which I had joined in Park Place gave good reasons for believing this to be true.

Bill Cash MP said that the new British government had been stunned by the number and weight of EU regulations tying down and destroying British business. (No surprise to those of you who struggling with EU regulations.)

Journalist Peter Oborne said that the one-size-does-not-fit-all euro had strengthened the German economy and wrecked the economies and hopes of other European nations and peoples. Staggering unemployment figures, particularly among the young, could set these nations on fire.

Oborne describes government by corrupt crony careerists in The Triumph of the Political Class.

Most interesting moment

Bill Cash began discussing the presumed sovereignty of Parliament - that it had supreme and independent authority in Britain. He pointed out that Parliament's sovereignty had been undermined by the EU and by British judges who were applying EU rather than British law. Asking those in the audience whether they did not agree with the principle that Parliament is sovereign, he received one resounding nay:
"I believe in the sovereignty of the people, sir!"


Most provocative comments

Peter Oborne observed 1) most journalists cannot read a balance sheet, hence cannot understand or explain financial dangers to us; 2) the inner group running the EU had become so divorced from reality as to be certifiably crazy; 3) the collapse of the EU and its euro, smashed by the weight of bankrupt nations, would be tumultuous for us all.

While journalist and MP spoke, a small girl sat on the stage and drew.

This frightening world is the world she will inherit.

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Thanks to the Bruges Group for organising the meeting.

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