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Britain's birthright

Daniel Hannan in the WSJ -

". . .The EU places supreme power in the hands of 27 unelected Commissioners invulnerable to public opinion.

"The will of the people is generally seen by Eurocrats as an obstacle to overcome, not a reason to change direction. When France, the Netherlands and Ireland voted against the European Constitution, the referendum results were swatted aside and the document adopted regardless. For, in Brussels, the ruling doctrine—that the nation-state must be transcended—is seen as more important than freedom, democracy or the rule of law.

"This doctrine has had several malign consequences. For example, it has made the assimilation of immigrants far more difficult. Whereas the U.S. is based around the idea that anyone who buys into American values can become American, the EU clings to the notion that national identities are anachronistic and dangerous. Unsurprisingly, some newcomers, finding their adopted countries scorned, have turned to other, less apologetic identities.

"The single worst aspect of Europeanization is its impact on the economy. . .a burgeoning bureaucracy, more spending, higher taxes, slower growth and rising unemployment.

". . .As a Briton, I see the American republic as a repository of our traditional freedoms. The doctrines rooted in the common law, in the Magna Carta, and in the Bill of Rights found their fullest and most sublime expression in the old courthouse of Philadelphia. Britain, as a result of its unhappy membership in the European Union, has now surrendered a large part of its birthright. . .

Hannan and many others are working to recover that birthright.

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Concerning Hannan: Given his intelligence, common sense and undimmed optimism, I hope to see him and his party in a strong position in the not-too-distant future. Those "happy warriors" who speak clearly and with a sense of urgency are badly needed in the corridors of power.

Matt Nelson:

Would that it were so that the United States uniformly held to principles of assimilation. More and more, the concept of non-assimilated multiculturalism is taking hold and fracturing the fabric of American society.


Matt Nelson: Hear!, Hear!

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