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Folly or science? March 19th conference on climate change


"The price of misjudging. . .climate change theories could be economic catastrophe for developed nations and life-threatening for the world’s poorest people. . ."

Questions we want answered

The Revd. Philip Foster MA, a scientist, author and publisher, has looked for answers to these questions: Are government-sponsored climate change theories correct? What is the cost if they are right? What is the cost if they are wrong? An initiator of the ‘Copenhagen Climate Challenge’ in 2009, Philip organized the March 19th conference to answer these questions.

Philip has degrees in Natural Science and Theology from Cambridge University and is the author of While the Earth Endures, Cosmology and Climate Change, a brilliant book. His landmark international one-day conference on March 19th in St Ives, Cambridge, will be fascinating and important.

"Held on the weekend running up to Climate Week, the conference will feature a range of experts with international scientific reputations, and will reopen a debate which has yet to be settled but which has slipped from media attention now that governments are beginning to set policies, however misguided those policies may be."

Conference speakers

"At the event, Professor Stephen Bush, Cambridge and UMIST professor of engineering, will present a luminary paper on ‘Energy, Emissions, and the Economy’ which looks forward over the next 40 years and addresses how the importance of climate change policy cannot be over-emphasised. It examines the implications of policy in terms of capital and running costs, CO2 and other emissions, and capacity to meet the nation's electricity demand, in light of making reasonable assumptions about the mix of all 11 different electricity generation processes. . ."

The conference will also feature Professor David Bellamy OBE, botanist and environmentalist; James Dent FRMetS, CMet CEnv, hydrologist and meteorologist specialising in flood defences; Roger Helmer MEP; and Professor Niklas Nils-Axel M?rner Ph.D., former head of the Paleogeophysics and Geodynamics Department at Stockholm University. An expert on world sea levels, M?rner conducted an exhaustive study of the islands of the Maldives in the Indian Ocean in 2005 and, more recently, in Bangladesh, "both with surprising results."

We hope to have more to say about the reports coming out of the conference. In the meantime, thank heavens there are people taking scientific fact-finding seriously.

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