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Barnsley by-election - those who show up win

The turnout fell to 36.5%, compared with 56.4% at the last general election.

Labour held the South Yorkshire seat with 60% of those voting. The Lib Dems slipped to sixth. UKIP candidate Jane Collins finished second with 12.19% of those voting.

The winner is Dan Jarvis, a 38-year-old former soldier who served in Afghanistan and Iraq. He called the vote a message for Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg. "Your reckless policies, your broken promises and unfair cuts are letting our country down," Jarvis said.

Mr Jarvis has a different recollection of Mrs Thatcher's Britain than I do. But perhaps his view was limited since he was just eight years old at the time. Until Mrs Thatcher turned Britain around, Britain was called "the sick man of Europe".

We would be delighted to think that the vote for UKIP signals a rise in the numbers of Brits who think their country would be better off out of the EU and saving the vast sums of money showered on bureaucrats. The low number of people voting suggests this may not yet be the case.


Barnsley / Image: Dr Richard North, who covers this story with his usual aplomb.

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