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Mystery of the lost 9th Legion may be solved


Hadrian's Wall, completed in AD 136, and spanning Britain from the River Tyne to Solway Firth / Image from Share the Inheritance

Bristling with forts and soldiers, flanked with ditches, Hadrian's Wall was built to imprison Brits in the north. Britons lost major battles to the Roman Legions, and seemed to go down to massive defeat in the battle fought by Calgacus and his men in AD 83. From Share the Inheritance -

'The next day an awful silence reigned', wrote the Roman historian Tacitus. But this was not the end. Brits broke through Hadrian's Wall, and when a second wall was built they broke through that.

It now appears that Hadrian's Wall may have been built partly in response to the disastrous loss of the entire 9th Legion to men of the north.

Share the Inheritance -

Resisting invaders was something the British did at least fifteen times over the subsequent two thousand years. They connected invasion with slavery. They did not want to be slaves, and they did not want their children or friends to be slaves.

They wanted to be free.


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