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"The plot thickens" - Met Office predictions and the Government

Met Office forecasts have been viewed as less than dazzling since its predictions for a "barbecue summer" were met by three sodden months.

Of course, it's possible the Met just had the wrong year. Last summer was a beauty.

Now we learn that the coalition Government may have forced the Met Office to withhold its prediction of a hard, cold winter. If so, the Tories and Lib-Dims may enter an exceedingly dim period of their own confidence-wise.

Of course, it's possible the Government just wanted to protect us from bad news.

The BBC has now made a Freedom of Information request demanding to know the truth.

The BBC has its own dim history of claiming that global warming was a given and ascribing every weather change to it.

Of course it's just possible that the BBC's move north has altered its balmy views.

We await developments on our barometer with bated breath.

Link thanks to Instapundit.

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