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Sledges, snowmen and snowballs are back

And so is science.

You recall that the Royal Society, 350 years old this year, was famously founded by men whose motto was "Nullius in verba". Take nobody's word for it. And you remember that a colloquium of geniuses founded 'the Invisible College'.

It was November 28th 1660. Christopher Wren, usually more preoccupied by the design of buildings, had given a talk on astronomy. Afterwards a small group of amateur scientists, who had been discussing the college for some time, decided to found what became the Royal Society, the oldest continuously operating scientific organisation in the world. The first curator of experiments was Robert Hooke. Fellows were elected according to somewhat vague, but efficient, criteria. One of the first Fellows was Isaac Newton.

Ruthlessly dedicated to scientific knowledge based on experiment and mathematical proofs, critical and supportive of each other, they met weekly. They did not belong to and were not paid by universities, companies or government.

The Society suffered a lapse when, in this decade, it took the word and the spurious statistics of global warming alarmists. That appeared to be changing in May.

However, not fast enough as in September the Society was advised that its calculations that carbon dioxide would remain in the atmosphere for thousands of years were dead wrong. Some of the best mathematicians in the world had flunked math.

More hopefully, the senior members of the Society mounted "a climate skeptic 'rebellion'" and forced the Society "to revise their guide 'Climate change: a summary of the science' (30 September 2010)".

Scientists are returning to the source of their strength - cold-eyed Truth.

Those experiencing the icy delights of global warming may be pleased.

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