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'bout time -THE Daily Express today becomes the first national newspaper to call for Britain to leave the European Union

Says the Daily Express -

From this day forth our energies will be directed to furthering the cause of those who believe Britain is Better Off Out.

The famous and symbolic Crusader who adorns our masthead will become the figurehead of the struggle to repatriate British sovereignty from a political project that has comprehensively failed.

There are no doubts that the EU is an oligarchical dictatorship, and oligarchies always make mistakes. They are limited by the limited numbers and mind-sets of their oligarchs. That is why Germany is close to committing economic suicide as it expends billions to rescue other nations in the EU.

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The sooner the better, before the "Framework" that goes into effect tomorrow allows some UK citizen to be extradited to another country for something he said or did in his own.


The DE can call for withdrawal all they like , but it will be ineffective.

It's nice to have a free press,but there are not enough politicians who will fight for this.

Even if a referendum on Britain's continued membership were held,
it would not be a simple "yes" or "no" vote.
It would be written in a manner which would deliver the "correct" - ie , pro EU - result.
Just ask the Irish who were brow-beaten into ratifying Lisbon.

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