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A real explosion

Shoe-horned into the EU, is back on line again as The Great Conspiracy. It opens on a scene in 1972 -

“Millions of people in this country will feel as I do, that legislation passed in this way, with no consent, cannot command the assent of the country and would lack moral and constitutional validity”.

Douglas Jay MP (for Battersea North) Speaking during the second reading of the European Communities Bill 1972 in the House of Commons 16th February 1972

What was it that impelled Douglas Jay to speak those impassioned words more than 30 years ago in the debating chamber that had been the protector of our freedoms and at the heart of Britain’s democracy for over a century? This expose sets out to investigate the background to Douglas Jay’s speech calling upon official Government correspondence, minutes of meetings and other documentation of the time.

When this expose was composed, (29th Oct 2004), Prime Minister, Tony Blair, together with his Foreign Secretary Jack Straw were in Rome for the official signing of the EU Constitution. They were willingly, even enthusiastically, conspiring with other European Heads of State to hand-over the remaining vestiges of their nations’ sovereignty to Brussels. To his credit, the then Conservative Party leader, Michael Howard, said that signing the treaty would put unprecedented powers in the hands of unaccountable [and one should add unelected] judges to re-write Britain’s labour laws.

This objection is grossly understated by Mr Howard, a former member of the Executive Committee of the European Movement. A reading of the Constitution document (entitled: ‘A Constitution for Europe’), reveals that the powers to be transferred transcend much more than just labour laws but affect our powers of self-government over nearly every aspect of life. It has been interpreted as giving the EU the ability to strip nations of all power excepting that which the EU itself does not wish to exercise.

For those who care, this an explosive website.

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