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Magna Carta and America

Andrew Roberts talks about Magna Carta and America at Fraunces Tavern in New York. It takes a little while for the video to load, and Andrew appears to be lit by candlelight.

I didn't expect to write this, but I'm actually going to say, if you want to storm through the exciting untold story of Magna Carta, you could read our book. I guess it sounds like effrontery, but I love the gorgeous people who created and defended Magna Carta, and we describe them as they have not been described before. That is true about many of the fascinating and brilliant men and women who fought to establish the gifts we described in Share the Inheritance. And another thing - it looks like a simple book, but it has hidden depths, which we are confident you will discover. After blowing the horn with such gusto, I guess I better go hang my head. If you're interested in buying our book, you can click on the ad on the right side of this page.

Thanks to the Barrister at Maggie's Farm for the Fraunces Tavern link.

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