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Hello? Anybody home?

Listening to the BBC we hear repeatedly that the government must cut services. Coalition ministers have spent days blaming Labour spending without ever once suggesting that we cut the billions of pounds we send to the EU, a government viewed as lacking democratic legitimacy across Europe.

No, never mind the billions sent to Brussels. We would never dream of keeping those billions at home so we could pay for our police, schools, pensioners and health care.

And take no notice that the EU now intends to impose "a tax on financial transactions to which Britain, as a world financial centre, would contribute 70 per cent, more than 300 billion euros a year".

No, no, not to worry. Since this toxic tax will destroy the City of London and send financiers fleeing to more hospitable ports, it will have a limited shelf-life. We won't be burdened by it too long.

Christopher Booker lays this all out in his quietly hair-raising and methodical way, but we get the feeling that at Westminster, no one is at home. They don't see, they can't hear. All they can do is talk, talk, talk about services they will slash because they don't have the guts to stand up to the EU.

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