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What if an earthquake hit and nobody died?

Is it just luck?

"New Zealand has very good building codes which mean the buildings are strong compared with, say, Haiti," said Professor Martha Savage of Victoria University in Wellington.

"It's about the same size quake as Haiti, but the damage is so much less. Though chimneys and some older fa?ades came down, the structures are well built."

Still, with a magnitude 7.1 earthquake, there had to be destruction. The BBC reports that five hundred houses will have to be pulled down, and there is an estimated £1.8bn / US $2.7bn in damages.That's a lot of money for a small country.

What if there were an earthquake and no one asked for any outside help?

Perhaps the world will be asked, but to date we haven't received any requests for assistance from the self-reliant Kiwis.


It may sound a stretch to connect the answer with the book, Share the Inheritance, which we've been talking about below. We think that unlike the unfortunate people who have been denied the gifts of the Inheritance or have given them away, Kiwis benefit from the gifts of the Inheritance every day.

Naturally that isn't a story that interests the media.

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