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Right now

It's later. We were away for several days due to air travel and a weary and malfunctioning laptop. We and our machines are now right as rain. We notice we've missed a bit -

Daniel Kitson's 'It’s Always Right Now, Until It’s Later', which appeared at the Edinburgh Fringe, is evoked here. Reading about theatre after a show is gone is a bit like hearing a falling star described, but there are wonderful ideas in the review by Sarah Crompton.

For those who want to read scathing critiques of not very good Brits, you might look at Jeff Randall's eloquent deconstruction of Tony Blair's recently published tome. It's good that Blair's self-serving devastation of British life is being critiqued. If only he had been stopped in time. He was not, and the Blair who went into 10 Downing Street with nothing is now a multimillionaire.

You might think that Randall or I are exaggerating here. If so, or even if not, you might want to read a review of Simon Heffer's Strictly English -

The language of tabloid exaggeration is apparent on every page of what the trade calls the “red-top” newspapers. Prices soar, and then they crash. In politics, rows about issues are always erupting, and they are inevitably furious. The key participants in them clash, and they evince rage. The consequence of an outrage is that there will be a probe, leading up to a damning report. Its shock findings will be followed by a clampdown (or a crackdown). The opponents of the transgressors will slam their behaviour and seek to topple them. . .

Depending on the day, and sometimes the hour, economic news is alarming or encouraging. One of the gifts described in our book is the free economy and how it was created by free, responsible and accountable people. That economy has been hijacked.


You may want to read about that gift and about all the gifts that belong to you in Share the Inheritance so we'll keep mentioning our book and how you can buy a copy.

Last but not least, early in the morning, while dew lay heavy on the grass, we saw a wary doe, eating her breakfast in the garden. Later we heard children laughing on the footpath and shouting with joy as they reached the water meadows and hurled themselves into the Itchen Navigation. Life goes marvellously on.

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